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About Me:    Hello I am Sharon Moyle - I am a inspirational Clairvoyant/Healing Teacher.   Working with my Clairvoyant Guide and Healing Guide also working with the 7 Archangels. ( I'm based in Cornwall)

 With the skills of channelling from my Guides and the Archangels I have created and designed each course on my website. Being inspired by my Teachers and the many Teachers I have met over the years I have studied and gain vast knowledge. Choosing the knowledge of chakras and the aura developing a deeper understanding of how to combine the clairvoyance - healing - crystals with colour, light and energy with the chakras and the aura.
Also channelling with Clairvoyance to receive guidance - to work when the development of healing to under the colours seen during the healing while working with the healing guide so channelling with healing.
 Also to develop to work from a Platform within the Churches or if you would like to develop your skills to work with a audience to give a clairvoyant message to the public by channelling to their loved ones - relatives and friends.

 Introducing you to your Guide/Archangel and to your psychic gift and how to receive guidance for your path.
Also offering a educational course if you see a course and would like to learn about the knowledge of the subject this is a brand new service. You would not have develop the skills just receive the knowledge of the subject.

My qualifications are: B.S.Y.A (S.Heal) B.S.Y.A (PSY.D
  (Healing and Psychic Development)

 Reiki First Degree

Thank you for visiting my website.

Services:   Lessons 1 to 1 or maximum of 2 people.

 A Course or a lesson for 1 hour if you would just like a workshop.

  Original Courses.








Contact me now! Tel No 01209 217790 email sjm12@gmx.co.uk 

History I met my Aunt who travelled to Cornwall to visit my family from America while here the few words given to me in a message is I will follow in her footsteps. My Mother, Grandmother and Aunt were all psychic. My Aunt was a Medium in America. 1989 she passed away this is when my journey began.

  I developed my skills through the Church in Cornwall I gave services throughout Cornwall from the platform.

  In 1994 I started to teach I have taught one to one and also groups of people over the years.

  I have been very inspired over the years by all the people I have met from all walks of life.

  I continue to teach today I just teach 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 now.

  I work with my Guides Clairvoyant - Healing and I work with the Archangels.

  I have created many courses - I work with the chakras the energy points that connects with our earthly journey and our spiritual journey also connecting with the aura and the 7 layers -the layers of energy connects with our energy for our life on earth and our spiritual energy.





R W says: if you really want to develop your psychic skills look no further highly recommended.



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