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About Me:    Hello I'm Sharon Moyle - I am a inspirational clairvoyant/healing teacher. Starting my journey in 1989 I started teaching in 1994. I offer spiritual direction through my teaching. Working with my clairvoyant guide and healing guide also working with the 7 Archangels.( I'm based in Cornwall)

 With the skills of channelling from my Guides and the Archangels I have created and designed each course on my website. Being inspired by my Teachers and the many Teachers I have met over the years I have studied and gain vast knowledge. Choosing the knowledge of chakras and the aura developing a deeper understanding of how to combine the clairvoyance - healing - crystals with colour, light and energy with the chakras and the aura.

 Introducing you to your Guide/Archangel and to your spiritual self - how to receive guidance for your path.

My qualifications are: B.S.Y.A (S.Heal) B.S.Y.A (psy.d)
  (Healing and Psychic Development)

 Reiki First Degree

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Services:   1 to 1 Tuition or 2 people  Workshops are available.  please enquire please email     

  Original Courses.








Contact me now! Tel No 01209 217790 email sjm12@gmx.co.uk 

History When I was 3 years old I saw my first Spiritual Guide he was a Knight Templar I called him my silver man. My Mother and my Grandmother were psychic. My Aunt Mrs May Ridyard was a Medium in America and I met her when I was 21 years. She said I would follow in her footsteps. I received news of her passing in 1989 and then my journey started I went to a Spiritualist Church at Redruth and met my teacher. After sitting in a circle and developing my clairvoyant skills. I gave my first reading in 1989 in 1990 I gave my first church service. I helped to run the church and worked all over Cornwall attending local churches giving services. In 1994 I started to teach. My knowledge is vast and I like to read and to study and learn many different subjects. Its good to see my students develop their spiritual gifts and grow in confidence. My spiritual guides helped me to shape my life and become the person I am today.    






R W says: if you really want to develop your psychic skills look no further highly recommended.



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